BEAUTY & POWER getaway!


● If you're tired of not being able to lose weight,
● Frustrated & confused about how to eat to maintain health
● If you're seeing the signs of aging and would like to reverse them 
● Or if you simply need a break to invest in yourself... 


Beauty & Power getaway, it's the vacation for you

Believe it or not, that is me in this photograph. I was once 80 pounds overweight, unhealthy and aging rapidly. Being in that state was something I was not willing to have in my life. I started educating myself on how to beautify and empower myself from the inside out. 

The Beauty & Power getaway is an awesome getaway to rejuvenate, beautify, detox, relax, continue to evolve and rediscover yourself.

    ESCAPE & JUMPSTART the new you

    A little about me

    • Hi! I'm Julia Chaidez
    • Fitness Expert, Wellness Coach for over 16 years
    • T.V. Host
    • Spokesperson
    • Featured in Univision, Telemundo, CNN, Eye on Fitness T.V., T.V. Azteca,, Whole Foods, among others
    • Mother of three amazing kids
    • Former U.S. Marine

    My journey from unhealthy to now living a fit, healthy and well balanced lifestyle started with the discovery of my Beauty & Power philosophy, which is the balance between your inner and outer beauty, the strength of your character and soul and how to balance these qualities in the modern world we live today.

    It's been a total inside-out transformation for me, and now, it can be for you as well.

    I'll share all of my secrets to stay young looking, how to beautify yourself from within, detox, lose unwanted weight and how to maintain the new slim you.

    Beauty & Power not only gives you a rejuvenated & luxurious mini-vacation, it gives you the gift of Beauty & Power to last a lifetime.

    Your Beauty and Power getaway includes:


    You will stay in a beautiful exclusive villa right on the beach in Baja California in a secluded secure gated marina community property called Puerto Salina only 35 minutes south of the border.

    Reserve a private bedroom or share the room and cost with a girlfriend (queen size bed). All the rooms and villas are gorgeous and luxurious! You also have the option to reserve a comfortable sofa bed in the living room (full size mattress).

    Beautifying, Rejuvenating and Detoxifying Juices

    The Beauty & Power getaway will provide you with a large selection of healthy and detoxifying juices filled with powerful, beautifying ingredients that will nurture, repair and rejuvenate your body from the inside out.

    This combination of juices and drinks are a powerful restart to your body and the way to the new you and your new healthy, fit and empowered lifestyle.

    Reflexology and Detoxifying Massage

    Ready to feel luxurious? Your Beauty & Power getaway will include one Spa massage, a combination of reflexology and detoxifying massage.

    Reflexology is an alternative treatment for a wide variety of conditions and has been in use for thousands of years. It involves the reflexologist applying pressure to specific areas in the hands, feet, and ears that affect certain reflex areas of the body.

    Daily Yoga

    Have you ever heard that Yoga is good for you and of its amazing healing, beautifying and detoxing "powers"? Well, if you haven't you will at our Beauty & Power getaway and even more you will benefit from it twice a day!

    The morning yoga classes are more active where we build heat in the body which helps to nourish the body and eliminate what is no longer needed.


    The evening yoga will be the quieter Yin Yoga. We will hold our postures for longer periods of time and allow our bodies to move into a passive more receptive place.


    Morning Beach Walks and/or Body Sculpt Classes.

    Some days we will move into our morning with light cardio through walking or jogging. Besides getting a little cardio in, which is fantastic for our heart health and weight loss, the main objective it's to connect with nature and yourself in an intimate, spiritual way.

    Daily Life Coach Empowerment

    The most powerful part of your Beauty & Power getaway will be the empowerment sessions. Because we live in a world where too much emphasis is given to physical beauty, we often forget about where real beauty comes from. We will explore the real power of beauty, where it comes from and how to implement it into our lives to achieve beauty beyond description and power beyond measure; regardless of your background, color, skin or gender.


    Daily Nutritional Information

    This is where most fail, and where you are the most confused about. You will learn about the foods you need to eat to maintain a healthy fit and beautiful body. With the information we provide and the combination of each activity you will comeback with a new mindset which means it'll be easy to live fit, healthy and balance it all out! 

    Daily Visualization Exercises and Affirmations

    Powerful journal writing, visualizations exercises and affirmations to begin a permanent change of lifestyle. Daily exploring and reconnecting with self.

    Exfoliating scrubs and Oils

    We will provide the natural scrubs, free of toxins and natural essential oils for daily body and facial care. The purpose of this getaway is to detox and beautify naturally. 

    Free Time

    There will be opportunities for personal activities during your free time like going to the beach, the option of horseback riding or just to take a nap! We recommend you bring a book to read or other activities that support the purpose of your beautifying & detox getaway.

    Live Music

    The best way to end a action-packed day of learning, sharing, juicing and detoxing is an open fire by the beach with classical, flamingo guitar performed live to help you unwind, relax and connect with nature and your new long lasting friends, that will become part of your new support group.

    DYI: Home detox facial scrub, facial masks and more!

    An example of what your days will look like

    3:00 am Drive to La Salina Start your day with warm lemon water. Drink fresh juice
    7:00 am Arrival (Puerto La Salina) Check In
    8:30 am Yoga (Vinyasa Flow) (Roof Top)
    9:45 am Beautifying Shot: Importance of first meal of the day and best options  Main Kitchen
    10:30 am Juice: Why Juicing - Why is it important - What to expect Main Kitchen
    11:30 am Change into baithing Suit Your Room
    12:30 pm Skin Brushing Patio Beach Front
    **1:00 pm Juice Patio Beach Front
    1:30 pm Beach walk / workout Beach Front
    2:30 pm Empowerment 1 Main Living Room
    4:00 pm FREE TIME / Juice / Educational Movie Main Kitchen
    7:00 pm Juice Main Kitchen
    7:30 pm Yin Yoga Main Living Room
    8:30pm Fire Pit - Empowerment 2 - Live Music Patio Beach Front
    9:30 - 10:00 pm Juice / Sleep Time Patio Beach Front

    How Will You Benefit From our Beauty & Power Cleanse?

    • Boosts immune system
    • Improves thyroid function
    • Kickstarts physical rejuvenation
    • Promotes normalized blood pressure
    • Elevates mood and sex drive
    • Promotes clear skin
    • Can clear up acne in as little as four days
    • Better breath (If it's an issue)
    • Stronger and healthier looking hair and nails
    • Alleviates allergies
    • Combats viruses
    • Promotes normalized weight
    • Reverses signs of aging
    • Alleviates symptoms of PMS
    • Starts a healing process in case of sickness
    • Increases energy
    • Deeper Consciousness
    • Gets rid of excess weight
    • Rids the Body of Excess Waste
    • Empowers you to continue a healthy, fit, rejuvenated lifestyle
    • Just a few among others!

      Space is limited! Only 15 per getaway

      To take advantage of this amazing opportunity

      Join us January 12th-15th, 2017


      For further questions, click here to message me 

      *Your results may vary