I focus on helping others transform their lives by waking up their passion, real beauty, develop strength, overcome the past, forgive themselves and have a blast in the process.

My past 16 years in a nutshell:

  • Fitness, Wellness, Life Coach 
  • T.V. Host
  • Spokesperson
  • Host, Co-Host, Guest: Univision, Telemundo, CNN, Eye on Fitness T.V., T.V. Azteca, MielPura.org, Whole Foods, among others
  • Former U.S. Marine (6 years of service)
  • Mother of three amazing kids


She has seen both the glorious and the challenging parts of all sides of life.
Julia has gone through heartbreaks, divorce, obesity and eating disorders, ended up broke and homeless, and dealt with addictions, but her desire and determination to succeed, to become independent, strong, self-sufficient and a role model were stronger than any hardship or weaknesses.    
The wisdom she has gathered through years of hardship, failures, overcoming struggles, hard work, studying and life lessons, gives her unparalleled expertise to help both men and women discover the ways to overcome obstacles, empower their lives, become role models and have and live a meaningful, balanced life.   
Julia Chaidez's speaking energizes the audiences with her unique style and she uses her rich life experiences and education to guide each speaking engagement.
Her passionate, fun, high energy, and thought-provoking presentation, raises consciousness and propels her audience take action to change, and contribute to a better world. 
Julia was determined to pursue her own life’s passions and dreams against all odds and obstacles and she can inspire you to the same

"I have been to hell and back in my own life, experienced situations most women struggle with, some of these situations, most never talk about but if I could overcome and find success, so can you!"
Julia can be booked to speak at women’s and men's groups, seminars, workshops, companies, military establishments, schools — junior high schools, high schools, and universities. 


  • FALL IN LOVE WITH FITNESS AND LIVING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE - When in love with something, not discipline nor willpower need to be used, it comes effortlessly even when it's challenging and requires hard work as it's the case with living a healthy lifestyle.  

I see a lot of confusion with women everywhere not knowing how to balance their inner and outer beauty. Most women don't know how to balance sensuality with their inner beauty.
A lot of women get lost within their physical beauty and put so much emphasis on physical seduction, thinking that a man’s love and happiness can be achieved purely by by how they look on the outside. While I believe that’s important, it’s not everything and you will never fulfill your potential if you don’t have the perfect balance on both.
On the other hand, many women lack self-confidence and self-love because they think they need perfect physical beauty to achieve love and happiness. 
Beyond Beautiful teaches women how to achieve real beauty, self-confidence, self-love and how to balance your inner beauty with your outer one. 


Julia's workouts and life coaching segments and advice have been featured on:
CNN Espanol

Tu Mundo Hoy
Un Nuevo Dia
A Primera Hora
Hispanic Lifestyle
RAE TV Lifestyle
Life con Acento
El Aviso Magazine

La Nueva 88.3 Miami 
iHeart Radio El show de Chuy y Yenitza

American Heart Association 


    Julia is a unique woman who is able to live her personal mission of empowerment. By facing her own challenges she empowers other by example not just words. I have experienced this for myself and am grateful to have Julia in my life.  - Steven Seppinni.  Speaker, Author, CEO Digital Door


    Five years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting one of Los Angeles Powerful Latina. A hidden Gem. Ms. Julia Chaidez Mother, U.S. Marine, Wellness and Fitness coach.

    When meeting Julia for the first time, in Downtown Los Angeles, her presence, energy and positive attitude was infectious. 

    She is both beautiful from the inside and out, a character that is most remembered

    Ms. Chaidez, has a very unique way of connecting with her clients, why? because she has too struggled in her life. But what's most unique about Julia, is first and foremost she is a mother. She has a training style of caring for her clients making you feel as you are the only person she is with. Working with her is compared to a peek experience, she helps her client find the inner person inside to help her clients find the formula to transform your life. 

    So what is it about Empower by Julia” It’s a “Peek” experience of Wellness, fitness and a methodology of you living and transforming you too a better quality of life.

    - Don Martinez, MCC, MNLP/PT, ZLC

    Excellent motivator! Julia has a strong following which speaks to the quality of her leadership and consistency. I don't live in the area she trains and she has allowed me to participate when I have been in town. The workouts I experienced were amazing and I work harder at home because of what I learned with Julia. I recommend her service completely. - Jeff Sandoval. IT Specialist at Brea Olinda Unified School District


    Julia has given me the strength to do what I have not done in years and that is to take care of myself. I recently started and I am loving the results. I can not wait to see where this journey takes me physically and emotionally, I know i am in good hands. - Jessica Tovar. 


    Hi yo no conozco a Julia en persona pues vivo en Long Beach, pero he seguido su pagina desde que comenzo su entrenamiento para el LA marathon Cecy Bogran y me ha servido e inspirado mucho. Veo sus consejos y recetas tambien, si pudiera me gustaria asistir!!! Continiua con tu buen trabajo, felicidades!!! - Susi Jimenez. Ama de casa


    Thank you for inspiring me to get motivated on life. Your words are powerful and I have done some things different because of you. I believe I got put in your path for a reason. Keep smiling and making me too. Also dancing like nobody's watching. - Elaine Prendez