Coaching by Julia is not about being inspired but about being Empowered to Take Action, develop the right strategy for you and from our coaching forward Change and Create the life that you desire.
As Your Personal Coach, my goal is to help you brake away from any chains that are holding you back, take you beyond what you would have imagined possible for yourself, and to have you step up into your life in a really big way. 
Very often, we need the Guidance to get “unstuck” from a perspective, a belief or a relationship that is holding us back.  Through coaching, I work with you to look at things in a different way. I will help you develop your own definition of success and design a plan intended to bring about your specific goals and aspirations.  Rarely these changes happen fast the norm is they will take time, consistency and strategy to change a behavior, situation or trauma that's been with you for too many years.
How Will I Serve You
As a woman, mother of 3 children, entrepreneur, fitness expert our needs are so diverse, I've established a practice that offers men and women an array of services. You have the option of choosing from two different options that shine the light on your path of transformation.
  • Life Coaching — Find your Purpose, unleash your Passion and gain the clarity that propels you forward. Develop strategies to raise confident, kind, mature and independent children with greatness within. Take control of your kids  and your relationship with them. Find the lost passion and love in your marriage. Stress management, Work-life balance, Sexuality, Mind/Body/Spirit awareness 
  • FITNESS Coaching — Increase your energy level as you beautify and nurture your body from the inside out, lose excess weight and gain control of your mind and body and spirit
Empower by Julia is located in Los Angeles, California but has gained national recognition by offering videophone or skype sessions. No longer does your geographic location have to define where your transformation has to take place.
No longer does your geographic location have to define where your transformation has to take place.
Wake up your Passion! Empower & Change your Life Today